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The Podcast: Archiving QTPOC+ narratives.

With a clear mission to highlight the nuances of living, loving & thriving as #QTPOC+, Kristen & Lamika are a great source of conversation! The SafeWordSociety Podcast uses interviews & discussions with thought leaders, influencers and everyday people to navigate the authenticity of identity and spread the tools for revolutionary survival on a daily basis. 

The Blog:  Articles, Interviews & More.

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The ORIGINAL Visibility Packs

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SafeWordSociety's Visibility Pack has arrived! Our first product ever is a discussion-based card game created as a collective learning & engagement tool to initiate and enhance safe space discourse, wherever it's played. Each pack presents the opportunity to empower the QTPOC+ community and our allies to organize, amplify and participate in supportive discourse. The packs include 100 questions, submitted by members of the community, about everyday topics to foster deeper understandings and collaborations. 

The SafewordSociety Visibility Pack is soooooooo needed! I enjoyed the from mild to wild conversations we had as a group. It was refreshing to be in a space in which there was a group investment in co-creating safety for open and candid dialogue and exchanges. I am curious about all the other questions contained in the pack! - Jagadīśa-devaśrī Dācus