#SafeWordSociety was created out of love and frustration for a community that thrives in the shadows of the mainstream. Our goal is to center the journeys of people of color using a “queer/non-conforming lens" ... intentionally honoring our individual differences and allowing people to exist as their authentic selves. We want to celebrate differences and challenge people to accept them. 

Our podcast features interviews and discussions with thought leaders, influencers, and everyday people, navigating the authenticity of identity for folks in every level of their journeys. Our mission is to create a safe space for versatility and self-definition while uplifting the stories of those that often go unheard.

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Kristen was named one of GO Magazine's 100 Women We Love, Class of 2017!

Go #SafeWordSociety!!! 

The Streets Are Talking... 

This #SafeWordSociety Podcast Series Is Everything
— Curve Magazine
Listening to their podcast feels like you’re in the living room chatting with friends over a glass of wine or brunch. With each episode you get to meet QTPOC who are making waves and creating change in the community – whether through style, advocacy or healthcare – they cover everything on #SafeWordSociety.
— Corinne Werder, GO Magazine
#SafeWordSociety is the next best thing. This podcast is a comforting safe space where you can be free from racism, misogyny, homophobia and ableism, at least for one hour each week.
— J Marie, KitschMix


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