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Season 4 EP 31


How To Fan-Girl 101...Right Here.

We were so honored to grab some time with Visual Narrator, Texas Isaiah while he was in NYC for a conversation about practice and intersecting interests at The Whitney Museum with Artist, Toyin Ojih Odutola and Novelist, Yaa Gyasi. We took the opportunity to get all the details we could about life (and space) in LA, the importance of archives and some best practices for capturing essence and creating safe spaces in photography. We may or may not have considered packing ourselves in his suitcase after this episode... Enjoy!

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Season 4 EP 30

"Tinder, love & care": ericka Hart & ebony donnley

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kristen's hopes in a Tinder match have been restored (ever so slightly) after our love-themed episode with the amazing Ericka Hart and Ebony Donnley! We had the best time just kicking it with these lovebirds and hearing all about how they got together, how they stay together and how the rest of us can get it together! We sang, we laughed and we felt the us, you will to! Enjoy :)

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Season 4 EP 29

"out again": robin cloud

Robin Cloud...No Raindrops.

The joy of laughter was loud and robust in the studio (AHEM, sorry in advance but you'll need to work that volume button) we spoke to Writer/Director AND Comedian, Robin Cloud, a few days before she made her big move to California! We got to hear more about the how's and why's of her comedic journey, her stint with "Robin Cloud and The Raindrops" and her truly great short film "Out Again." As usual, we're excited to share with you...ENJOY! 

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Season 4 EP 28

"Food is bae": Sara Elise & Cleo Zuli

Living good and definitely eating better, all 2018.

Food as healing... a concept we can't afford to ignore and with culinary bosses like Sara Elise & Cleo Zuli at the helm, we won't be able to! We sat with these two to talk about the business of feeling good and living our best lives through fresh ingredients, the atmosphere of celebration and entrepreneurship. We learn how Sara Elise ended up with two successful ventures, Harvest & Revel and Blindseed! Also, the story behind Cleo Zuli's start-up baby, Blk Palate...we get all the details and are so excited to share! You know what to do...SUBSCRIBE and ENJOY!

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Season 4 EP 27


The 2018 Reset is REAL, already. 

We did A LOT this episode because a lot has been going on... keeping it authentic is our brand, remember? We start out with a much needed friend session about integrity, healing and our necessary re-commitments for the year. We move right into our gratitude session with some team shoutouts, SWS happenings and some really exciting announcement! In 2018, we've got cool partnerships, we're planning epic events, we've got listeners in Uzbekistan (BISHHH!) and more! You know what to do :) 

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Season 4 EP 26


This is our SEASON 4 Premiere y'all!! 

We are so excited to be back and we couldn't have chosen a better guest to start the season off with! Allow us to introduce you to Sir Knight, Co-Founder of the primary Black Trans* News Resource - BlackTransTV! We spend our first episode back talking to Sir about his thoughts on Black Unity, the responsibility of educating ourselves and what it takes for black folk to really do better. We even take a moment to discuss the role that hip-hop does or does not play in uplifting communities of color... we talked about everything and you should hear it. You know what to do...SUBSCRIBE and ENJOY!

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