#QTPOC Of The Week | Jeaux Henry of Black Boi Complex

My name is Jeaux! (They/ Them/ Their/ Bruh/ Fam/ Love). I'm a Gender non-conforming Black Boi trying to navigate through the "Quicksand Millennium." I'm an all around creative being, a DJ (BXI JXI), a writer, a vibe curator (Supple), aiming to spread love everywhere I go.

As a Queer Black Boi, I decided to create Black Boi Complex, a virtual Safe Space for Masculine Identified TQLBG+ folks.  I've also collaborated with a friend, a Physical Safe Space called "Supple",  which consists of carefully curated events ack Creatives, based in New Jersey. My goal is to grow these spaces and continue to highlight Masc Folx, maintaining a place to be vulnerable, open, understanding. 

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What’s your background?

This question is loaded for me because, I assume we're speaking on Education/Career. In that aspect, I am proud high school drop-out, that has made their way into Corporate America and has quickly decided that is no longer the route for me. I have always been a supporter of Black Queer spaces, businesses and educating environments and vowed that I would create a space as well. So, you can catch me in your forums, in your comment sections, at your open discussions, at your parties, by your side, learning as much as I can through experiences and the need for something more. On the other side of the coin, I am a Black American from Montclair, NJ who grew up in Decatur, GA. Moved back to Jersey in '09, lived in Boston for 3 years (2013-16) and recently returned to Montclair to continue my Grandfather's legacy, after he passed in '16.

What do you enjoy the most about “what you do”?

I love so much about my life! But, one of my favorite things about "What I Do" is connecting with like-minded people. It has been good to feel rooted and loved by my TQLBG+ Family. Meeting people from across the Globe who go through the things that I do or feel the way I feel, is super important. I love finding solidarity in unfamiliar places.

What is the most challenging thing about “what you do”?

As far as challenges go, I would say being vulnerable on the internet is sometimes quite hard. You're susceptible to hatred and beings who would love nothing better than to harm you or your followers. Virtual hate can be traumatic; vulnerability is necessary when moving to break barriers open to form stronger lines of communication.  

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

It was about a year ago, at a panel discussing Toxic Masculinity after watching "Garden of Eden", a film by Imani Dennison. The room was filled with Masculine Folks, ready to gather tools to pry apart their masculinity. We were all very intentional about creating a space for learning and vulnerability. I got to speak on and share things about parts of me I thought no one else could see. In that moment I found though, that those parts not only were SEEN, they were SHARED. In that moment I felt liberated and inspired to share that sameness again. I decided that day, the idea of Black Boi Complex would become more than an idea, that day it was actually given life.

What is your dream project?

It has always been a dream of mine to have a Brick an Mortar space for the Bois of all ages to play, be creative, party and be their truest self, like a community center. I am currently working on making my home that space, for now. I would also love collaborating with other platforms and collectives, with similar initiatives as mine.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I've ever received was, "Live in your truth, act out of love and share your light." I try to incorporate this into my daily life and it's been great!

Name something you love outside of “what you do”, and why.

I LOVE cooking, gardening and housekeeping! I recently became a homeowner and I have fallen in love with transforming my home and outdoor space. Seeing how I can make this old home, my own. It has been incredibly therapeutic and has brought so much pleasure into my life.

What should we look out for and how can we keep up with you &/or your work?

There are so many amazing things I'm working on currently so, be sure to look out for my Vibe-curating mixes and music and my Vlog/YouTube Channel. Also be ready for new posts and dope, Black Masculine Identified Folx being highlighted on Black Boi Complex.

Be on the watch for our Supple Party, in New Jersey and hopefully New York later this year! 

You can currently catch me on Twitter and Instagram: @BlackBoiComplex & @ComplexBlackBoi. If you'd like to listen to my mixes and upcoming music, you can check out my Soundcloud: @BlackBoiComplex

However, stay tuned for more platforms!

*If anyone is interested in being featured on @BlackBoiComplex, want their Queer Safe Spaces promoted or would like to reach out to me, please email me anytime at BlackBoiComplex@gmail.com