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Feeling Beyond Bold and Brave | SafeWordSociety at #BLC2018 in Harlem, NY!

On the weekend of July 27, 2018, Kristen McCallum and I had the privilege of covering “Work As Memoir: 2nd Bi-Annual Black Lesbian Conference” presented by Beyond Bold and Brave and The New York Women’s Foundation. When we were first invited to attend, I was actually a bit stunned. In 2016, when the first conference occurred in 2016, a few friends asked me to join them, and I vehemently declined. At the time, I did not feel grounded enough in my bisexuality to be in a lesbian space… READ MORE!

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Oprah Winfrey and The Words That Shook The Table!

Last night, as I was dragging myself to bed after a long day of "entrepreneur-ing" I did a final scope of my Twitter feed... and it was abuzz. I was quickly reminded that the Golden Globes were on as my timeline engaged in discussion about looks, plot lines and deservedness. I haven't had cable in ages, so my consumption of awards shows had decreased significantly... along with my tolerance for mediocrity and the accolades that always seem to uphold it.

Either way, I happened onto Twitter after Oprah Winfrey (my queen of all things production) had been honored as the first African-American woman to win the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. A moment, a reminder that 75 years later and she's still a first for something black women have been doing for lifetimes...achieving is our thing.

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Let It Gooo! Let It Gooo!

“Has this year been trash for you, too?” was a resounding question for 2017.
Sure, there were highlights because...balance, but one could reasonably argue that the scale was tipped in favor of basura. No bueno. If you can’t relate, I’m happy for you - now excuse the rest of us as we crawl out of our holes and give this thing another whirl. I’m sounding off a crucial call to action. Let’s leave trash behind us. After a solid year of dumpster diving, I have decided that enough is enough! It’s time to start anew! Let’s get ourselves ready for a new chapter, and let’s do it together.

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