Featured Video | "OMOWALE & THE STORM" by Interdisciplinary Performance Artist, Ayana Koduah

Photo by  Ethan Ovrkyl

Photo by Ethan Ovrkyl

Ayana is an interdisciplinary performance artist based in New York, hailing from Guyana. She is a pen hoarder, tea enthusiast and circle skirt aficionado. Her work is heavily influenced by her roots in reggae and dub poetry and inspired by the works of Dali & Kahlo. In her forthcoming chapbook “ Cassava Bread & Pepper-pot,” she explores the life of a queer immigrant, responds to the current state of human affairs & focuses on self-love and healing. You can find her ogling at your local flora, humming off beat on the J train or snapping off guard photos. 

You feel it, right?! Amazing.

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