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#QTPOC+ Of The Week | Tina Colleen of "The Black Queer Goddess Project: The Plus-Size Femme photo series"

We're getting up close & personal with a fave from the community to highlight all of the amazing work they're doing and get some insight on their processes! This week we're chatting with Tina Colleen of "The Black Queer Goddess Project: The Plus-Size Femme Photo Series"

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A Powerful Weekend at The 6th Annual Lesbians+ of Color Symposium!

If you are LBTQ+ identified women and non-binary people of color and allies/accomplices but weren’t at Harvard Law School on March 9th and 10th, you missed an incredible experience! SafeWordSociety was one of the Community Media Outreach Partners for The 6th Annual Lesbians of Color Symposium (LOCS) and as the co-host of The SafeWordSociety Podcast, I had the pleasure of attending as well. 

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"Feed The Resistance" | An Interview on Allyship With Bestselling Author, Julia Turshen

In a society of buzzwords, I've intentionally chosen to ground SafeWordSociety's mission in a very popular one, VISIBILITY. My focus is primarily on promoting the work and narratives of the #QTPOC community but more specifically, supplying the larger community with accessible tools to do so as well. Navigating that larger community, consisting mainly of non-QTPOC and non-POC, has been significantly draining as of late and largely in part to unrequited emotional labor. As I've heightened my requirements for accountability, doors have opened to allies who are committed to providing tangibleopportunities at visibility for our communities. True, genuine allies are something I come across very rarely and so when it happens... I'm grateful. So, I was beyond excited when THE Julia Turshen, one of my favorite cookbook authors, mentioned The SafeWordSociety Podcast on her Instagram page and then sent a DM about how much she loved the work and was looking forward to supporting it! I clearly jumped at the opportunity to ask all of my best questions about her newest cookbook, Feed The Resistance and learned about the role of sustenance and community in her life. Enjoy!

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