Don’t sleep on Safewordsociety


By Bri Bellinger

I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning. Every week, I am impressed with how Safewordsociety upholds their mission of visibility for QTPOC. I hear familiar and new voices on each episode. They do a great job at giving a platform to some important narratives. I love it!


Black Queer Joy


By Civil Tone

Every episode is always such a pleasure to listen to. I deliberately make my commutes longer to listen to this podcast in my car's speakers. Creating the greatest amount of happiness and minimizing pain are the most worthwhile purposes in politics.


An Important and Vital Outlet for Our Community


By krisharring

I had never listened to podcasts before I learned of SafeWordSociety and Ive been hooked ever since. The topics, the guests and the hosts are so organic and intriguing that i feel like i'm sitting at a table next to them at brunch having important convos about our lives, about your wellness and thriving as QPOC in this world. Its refreshing. Keep bringing the heat ladies!


Dope AF!


By #DatWay

Soooo, I definitely have to echo some of the previous reviews. This podcast is freakin' HILARIOUS! I think my favorite word that was invented this episode is Wackalicious LOL Thank you for speaking truthfully and boldly on the topics discussed! Not only did I want to hit the imaginary thumbs up button serval times, I also caught myself saying YASSS....a lot! You all vibe so well & I look forward to hearing more!


Great new edition!


By c0le84

This is a great addition to my ever growing podcast list. I can relate to the topics and I laugh like crazy! Keep up the good work ladies.


Fun and Funny!


By Mishellanous

great podcast! the personalities of the co-hosts really shine through and the chemistry between them and the guests keep the conversations light but meaningful, and funny AF! i'll be tuning in every week, it's nice to have such a platform by, and for, QPOCs


This is tight!


By Ike 703

I could not stop laughing at the first episode. Y'all are dope - such great conversation on such a relevant topic.




By BlackQueen1920

This podcast is amaxing and you all are doing a great job! This is definitely a great podcast for LGBT women of color who are in all different points in their lives. I am married but I can definitely relate to some of the topics you all discuss.


Dope Podcast!


By No Peep_89

So, I was listening to this podcast while at work yesterday. I kid you not, I had to take pause a few times because I was laughing so hard. Y'all had me weak! I appreciate this podcast so much because I crave to hear/see more from QPOC. Thanks y'all! I'll keep listening.


Let's speak - Collectively!!!


By NubianGoddess1

Amazing and funny!! It's so great to have a podcast that centers LGBT women of color.


Absolutely Love this Podcast


By DoreenPierrex

This is exactly what I've been waiting for as a queer person of color! This podcast is hilarious AF! I'll be tuning in each week!